Our team of consultants have vast knowledge of the health and social care sector. They are experienced professionals with backgrounds in local, national and international government healthcare services as well as the private sector. Our trainers provide the highest standards in health and social care training that support our clients in achieving their goals.

Delivering excellence and standards across the Health and Social Care sector. We will provide the highest quality consulting and managed services that assist our clients and service users in achieving their optimal success.

We provide an end-to-end service working jointly with our clients. We will help in the setup of a care agency to facilitate and provide high standards of care in the community.

Our Support Packages include but not limited to Consultancy, Support with Pre/Post CQC Inspections, Development and update of Service Policies and Procedures, Safeguarding issues and resolution, DOLs MCA, Operational Management, HR Issues and KLOE Audits.

KLOE Requirements

Are your service users, staff and visitors protected from abuse and avoidable harm?

Are you achieving positive outcomes from service users' care, treatment and support? Are you promoting evidence based-quality of life?

Do staff treat service users with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect while including them in plannning service activities?

Is your service structured and flexible to meet your service users' needs and requirements?

Does your organisational leadership and management meet the standards to assure the delivery of high quality person-centred care, in support of learning, development and innovation while promoting an open and inclusive culture?