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Our Story

Amethyst Quartz Consultancy Ltd is a specialist social care consultancy with a track record of supporting central and local governments’ health care services as well as those in the private sector. Over the years, we have built a local, national and international portfolio of clients.

Amethyst Quartz Consultancy Ltd was formed through Blue Crystal Care Agency. As the care agency reputation gained national recognition for the outstanding quality of care given to the community in the UK, we were approached by other international care agencies to advice, develop and implement the same agency model internationally.

With our team of consultants who have vast knowledge in social care, we are able to replicate the model to other organisations to fulfil the need for care providers to attain a level of proficiency and to maintain high standards as per the requirement of the local and national governing bodies, including CQC.

At Amethyst Quartz Consultancy Ltd, we pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ cultural needs and requirements. Our consultants are great communicators and have excellent organisational skills with sound knowledge and understanding of health care in different countries.

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